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How to distinguish it

Pruneddu Nougat is unmistakable.
You have many ways to recognize it, here they are, one by one:

  • Search > Trademarks
    Our nougat is marketed under the brand names Pruneddu, Barbagia, Arasulè, Toneri and Teliseri.
    Only these are Pruneddu’s brands;
  • Look > Its color is ivory
    not white like that of other nougats.
    We use only honey while others also use sugar and glucose syrup, that’s why the color is different;
  • Look > Dried fruits in quantity and of quality
    Just look at a nougat bar to realize how much dried fruit you can find.
    In our nougat it is always at least 50% / 55% of the total weight (minimum 40%, in the walnut one).
    Quantity is indicated on each pack;
  • Read > Only honey
    We use only quality honey,
    There are honeys of poor quality, so quality is halved.
    Your palate is the first to notice it.
  • Read > Clarity and transparency
    For dried fruit we always specify minimum quantities but the product may also contain 5% more:
    our quantities are the highest between those reported among Italian marketed nougats.
  • Watch out
    if it is a quality nougat, dried fruit should be always indicated on first in the ingredients list:
    Actually by law ingredients must be listed in their quantity order. A good nougat is a nougat with many dried fruit.