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Consumption and Conservation


Try to store our nougat in the freezer, freeze it and then enjoy it when it’s still cold.
The low temperature enhances all the flavors of honey and dried fruit. The coldness softens the pure sugar tones, so that the taste and aroma of the essences, contained in honey and in dried fruit can be released in your mouth.
The only nougat which is a good friend of the cold is the one made only with honey.


Store in FRESH place, dried fruit is a very delicate ingredient, especially in hot weather it can deteriorate easily; we suggest to STORE IT AT TEMPERATURE BELOW 20 ° C or better in the fridge with unopened pack.

How to preserve for a long time the intense aroma of honey, the stimulating taste of first choice almonds, the right consistency of the paste? The answer is “cold” …
To keep Pruneddu nougat just store it in the freezer.

Just remember, before you freeze it, cut it in small pieces: so that it will be “ready to use” in your freezer, even for several months;
You have to store it in a closed container (like ones for ice cream): so the nougat won’t not absorb humidity keeping the correct consistency. Serv nougat still cold, just out of the freezer: cold is better!

Before freezing, to cut it more easily …
We recommend you to put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, or you can put it close to a heat source.
Slightly warmed nougat becomes softer and easier to cut it.

Deadline, best before…

Unfortunately there isn’t a law to establishe the maximum expiry for the nougat.
So each producer, under its discretion, establishes the expiration date for its product.
And there’s no lack of clever people and crooks.

That’s how we do
We indicate shorter expiries because in our nougat there are no preservatives and we only use genuine products.

Here there are the expiry dates of our nougats:

  • maximum 10 months for the nuts nougat;
  • maximum 14 months for the hazelnuts one;
  • maximum 18 months for the almonds one.

What you must know if you don’t want to throw away your money:

  • Nougat with nuts: it is the most delicate so it must have the shorter expiry date, never over 12 months;
  • Nougat with almonds: it is the strongest, so it has the longest expiry date, but always within two years;
  • Nougat with hazelnuts: it has an medium resistance expirying shortly after twelve months.