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Nougat Fair

Every year on Easter Monday (Easter Monday, in March or April), takes place the famous Sagra del Torrone – Nougat Fair- born in 1979: during the whole day you can taste the hot nougat, just taken out of the sa forredda, bricks stove heated with holly wood in which nougat will be made and prepared as it used to be done many years ago. The fair of nougat is also an opportunity to see the other wonders of Tonara: furniture and carved chests, the teruddas and taggeris (ladles and wooden cutting boards and cutting boards), the cubedinas, (small barrels to store wine or water), the fanugas and the fressadas (carpets and tapestries) and is sonaggias (cowbells). Tonara is the only cowbells production center in Sardinia, these are very appreciated by all shepherds, Sardinian and not, and by collectors. The whole country will be invaded by the handicraft productions that can be admired in the streets of the old town where you will taste, with nougat, many other sweets. The programme also includes exhibitions and performances of folk groups and polyphonic choirs.

NEXT FAIR: Monday 17 April 2017