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Discover Tonara

The best nougat, the healthiest air, the most extensive forests, the coolest springs, large arks of chestnut wood, the cowbells, the fabrics. All this is Tonara and this is why it’s so popular in Sardinia.

The village is at 1000 mt above the sea level in the central area of the island, in the province of Nuoro: we are in Barbagia of Belvì-Mandrolisai, on the western side of Gennargentu, one of the most conservative areas of the island.

Tonara lives of trade. The craftsmanship is particularly flourishing: nougat above all, renowned in the whole island; furthermore the arks of chestnut wood carved by hand of expert craftsmen, the cowbells, and the carpets.

If you love nature, traditions and good food you have to come to Tonara.

Absolutely unmissable is the Nougat Fair which is held every year, in Easter Monday.